In 2009 after spending many a wet afternoon trying to eat cake at festivals around England, the concept of The Tea Stop was born.
We decided that something needed to be done to keep our cake dry. Ideas bounced around and one finally seemed too good to be put aside. 
​A double decker bus could seat our customers upstairs and keep our cake dry. 
We did our research and fell in love with the Routemaster. 
It was a classic icon of 1960s British summer time. Who could resist. 

a brief history of rml 2406      

JJD 406D

RML 2406 is one of only 524. In the February of 1966 she saw her first outing on Route 5A to West Ham. She continued this journey until July of '72 when she was transferred to route 24 to Chalk Farm. During these years she had a re-spray and was later fitted with a Cummins engine. 

1994 saw the privatisation of London bus services from the public body, this resulted in a number of private companies dividing control of the services, later these companies would fuse and become "Arriva London".

During this time RML 2406 was under the control of Leaside buses and chugged along route 38 until October 2005. This was to be her final route as she was sold to Ensign Bus in December of 2005.  She was then passed through various hands being used to ferry wedding parties. 

Sadly in August 2008 she hit a low bridge which cause a large amount of damage, the then owner didn't feel the same about her and put her up for sale. Fortunately at the same time we were busy sketching out ideas on the drawing board. We viewed her in april and it was love at first sight. The deal was sealed and she journeyed the 4-hour drive to her new home in Bristol. We compleated the refurb ourselves and took her on her first outing as The Tea Stop to Wychwood Music Festival.